Monday, 21 January 2019

Your Hot Tub Hire In Winter

Hot tubs are awesome in the snow and ice. We always say that a hot tub hire in winter is what hot tubs were made for. Check out the hot tub owners over in the colder Scandinavian countries – they seem to embrace the cold.

But being British we are notoriously sensitive to the cold, even in the North, however we do not like to admit it. Admittedly, a lot of bookings are for kids parties, therefore parents may be looking to protect their children as there is nothing worse than a poorly child!

Nevertheless hot tub hire bookings across Leeds are still coming in and we are doing everything we can to ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

Things do get a little trickier in the cold weather however, and we’d like to make you aware of how we manage the cold temperature and the operation of the pumps.

The Lay Z Spa pumps do not work below 4 degrees celsius ambient temperature (like won’t even let you pump them up)

You plug it in, press the “reset” button on the power lead and the pump instantly throws an E03 error. E03 is telling us it’s too cold! So how do we solve that? Well this is how we do it, which we hope you guys (our customers) can accommodate us when we need it.

1. We need to inflate the lid and hot tub up so we need the pump above 4 degrees, so if it’s less than that outside we need to be quick

We will either leave the pump in the van or in your home (please!) to keep the temperature of the pump above 4 degrees. Once we have the lid and tub in place, we will retrieve the pump and inflate them both quickly before the pump temperature drops. Easy!

2. The water circulating around the pump needs to be more than 4 degrees too, therefore to ensure this we will need to fill with your hot water.

We only need to fill past the bottom grey nozzle on the inside, so a combi boiler or water tank will be fine for this! We will attach the hose pipe to your inside tap to fill with warm water if it’s not too fancy. Please let us know if your tap is a little fancy as we may have problems.

3. The pump needs to be warm enough to turn on when the tub has filled sufficiently, therefore we can not leave the pump outside whilst the tub fills from empty.

We will place the pump back in the van or your house (just somewhere warm) until we have enough water in the hot tub hire tub for the pump to suck in. The pump is then attached and switched on. Genius! We did it. Everything should be okay from then on.

We’ve tried thermal jackets and wrapping them up but unfortunately no luck, so this is the process we may need to complete if its icy cold outside when your tub is delivered.

Your hot tub hire can be used to enjoy the outdoors even in the depths of winter.

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Monday, 5 November 2018

Hot Tub Hire Leeds

Do you want to make an upcoming special occasion a little more special?

Celebrate over a number of days (and parties) with a hot tub hire Leeds.

At The Velvet Hot Tub Hire, we aim to make the whole hot tub hire experience as enjoyable as possible from start to finish!

✅ Don’t pay for the time it takes to heat up, we deliver the day before your first booking day
✅ A little luxury and reduce the dirt getting in your tub with full astroturf flooring
✅ Shelter from the weather and keep warm with a premium heavy duty 3m x 3m gazebo
✅ No stress bookings, with our online booking system, low deposits, and hassle-free cancellations
✅ Ensure a safe & healthy hire, we provide a full chemical kit and “how to take care of your tub” demonstration

Call us on 0113 415 5512 for more information or book online now by clicking here –

See you guys soon!

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Christmas Hot Tub Hire

Annually, temperatures drop during winter, and spending time in a hot tub is both an enjoyable and relaxing experience. However owning a hot tub is expensive and also requires a lot of maintenance, so many people prefer to hire a hot tub at least initially. This allows them to enjoy using a hot tub for any period which they wish, without investing a large amount of money upfront. It also allows them to become familiar with the operation of the hot tub, so that they can choose the right hot tub, and understand its features. Some of the advantages of hot tub hire from a reputed supplier are discussed.

The holiday season in the United Kingdom includes Christmas and New Year. It is the period when most people take a break from their busy routine to spend time with their family and friends, attending parties, get-togethers and other events. However, in most places, the temperature is fairly low so everyone is looking for an enjoyable way to remain warm. A hot tub hire is one of the most popular ways to relax during winter, and many families and couples having a party are including a hot tub where their guests, friends can relax and enjoy themselves.

The hot tubs supplied are large in size, and can accommodate four to six adults at a time, making them ideal for parties of all sizes. They will heat quickly to a temperature of 40 degrees centigrade after they are set up, so the users do not have to wait for long. For a luxurious experience, the tubs have a massage system with 87 airjets which surround the users with bubbles. The padded base, ensures that the tub remains stable and users are comfortable. The I-Beam construction of the tub is both comfortable and durable, so that users can remain in the tub for as long as they wish without feeling cramped.

The inflatable tub has an insulating lid which is also inflatable and an exterior cover. The safety clips are double locking, and a bubble mat is provided to protect and insulate the tub when it is not being used. One of the unique features of the tubs is the multi-color LED based lighting system provided which make using the tub a magical experience. The wireless remote allows the user to change the color of the LED to any of the 7 colour options. Alternately the lighting can be set into automatic mode, changing the color of the LEDs after a specific time duration. The massage jets in the tub are digitally controlled.

Booking and installation of the hot tub is easy and quick. The Velvet Hot tub allows their customers to quickly and conveniently book their hot tub online from their website, paying only a small amount as deposit. The rest of the payment for booking the hot tub has to be made at the time of installation of the hot tub. The hot tub can be hired for any period varying from one day to fourteen days, depending on the requirement of the user. For longer duration’s some maintenance may be required. Installation of the hot tub is a quick process , and if the required area of 4 square meters is available, it can be completed in approximately ten minutes. So hiring a hot tub is enjoyable way to relax and remain warm during the holiday season.

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